Legal notice and confidentiality policy

1. Ownership of the web portal

In accordance with article 10 of the Law 34/2002 dated July 11, on services of the Information Society and E-Commerce (hereinafter, the LCCICE) the company’s details are presented below.

Company Name:
INTERNACIONAL DE PELUCAS CABELLO R S.L., ., is the owner of the website “”

Fiscal ID No.: B81719460
VAT number: ESB81719460
Company registered address and sales and marketing headquarters:
C/ Magdalena, nº 36, Bajo.
CP 28012, Madrid (Spain).
Email address:
Telephone: 913692423
Fax: 913697029

Details of registration with the Mercantile Register:
INTERNACIONAL DE PELUCAS CABELLO R., S.L., a limited company incorporated in Madrid in 1997 by a Deed executed before a Notary, filed with the Mercantile Register of Madrid at volume 12.260, folio 29, page M-194194.

The company may be contacted electronically via the contact form.

The domain name(s) through which you have accessed the Portal is/are the property of the Company.

The domain name(s) may not be used in connection with any other contents, products or services that are not the property of the Company or in any manner that might cause confusion among the end users or discredit the Company.


2. Purpose

This legal Information page covers the acceptable use policy that governs the access to and navigation and use of the Portal. It also covers the responsibilities arising from the use, lending and/or hiring of the goods and services which, where appropriate, may be offered, in addition to the contents that comprise the same, without prejudice that the Company may establish Particular Terms and Conditions that govern the use, lending and/or hiring of goods and services which may be offered to Users via the Portal(s). In any event, said Particular Terms and Conditions form an integral part of this Legal Notice.

The mere accessing of the Portal and/or use thereof, the filling out of forms, sending of information requests, queries, complaints, offers to contract, curriculum vitae and, in general, any act of a similar nature to the foregoing made via the forms and/or digital mailboxes that exist in the Portal will entail, on your part, the acceptance as and from said accessing and/or use, without reservation, of each and every one of the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice and will result in your being deemed to be a User of the Portal. You are, therefore, required to read attentively, know and state your acceptance of the content of this Legal Notice.

In the event that the use, provision and/or contracting of products or services is offered via the Portal, the fact that they are used and/or requested by the User shall additionally entail the full and unreserved acceptance of the Particular Terms and Conditions which, where applicable, have been established for that purpose and these will form an integral part of this Legal Notice.


3. Access to and use of the Portal

Access to the Portal by Users is free of charge. Notwithstanding, the use, provision and/or contracting of the products or services which, where appropriate, may be offered by the Company, may be subject to the prior fulfilment of formal requirements such as the filling out of the relevant form, payment of prices, expenses or fees and/or the prior acceptance of the Particular Terms and Conditions which may apply thereto.

Merely accessing the Portal does not in itself entail the establishment of any kind of tie or business relationship between the Company and the User, except if the relevant means have been established for that purpose and the User has first met the requirements established, as the case may be.

The inclusion in the Portal of information relating to products or services offered by the Company is solely and exclusively for information and advertising purposes unless expressly stated otherwise.

If for the use, provision and/or contracting of any product or service offered via the Portal, the User should need to proceed to register, the User shall be responsible for providing truthful and legitimate information, vouching for the authenticity of all data entered when completing the pre-determined forms in order to access the products or services in question. If as a consequence of registering such data the User is given a password, the use of that password shall be strictly personal and non-transferable, and it may not be assigned to any third party, even on a temporary basis. Hence, the Customer undertakes to use such a password in a responsible manner and shall not disclose it, assuming full responsibility for the consequences should it be disclosed to any third party/ies. Consequently, Users take full responsibility for the appropriate custody and confidentiality of any means of identification and/or passwords supplied to them by the Company and undertake not to transfer the use thereof to any third party/ies whether on a temporary or permanent basis not to permit any other person(s) to gain access to them. The User shall be solely and exclusively responsible for the use and/or contracting of the goods or services by any illegitimate third party that uses a password for that purpose as a result of a negligent act or loss thereof by the User.

In view of the foregoing, it is the User’s obligation to notify the Company immediately of any fact which might allow the improper use of any means of identification and/or passwords, including but not limited to the theft, loss or unauthorized access thereto, in order that they may be cancelled forthwith. Until such time as such facts are brought to its attention, the Company shall be exonerated of any responsibility regarding any liability that may arise from the improper use of the means of identification or passwords by unauthorized third parties.

In any event, the User accepts full sole responsibility for the access, browsing and use of the Portal, and, where applicable, the use or contracting of goods or services that may be offered through the Portal, and therefore the User undertakes to comply diligently and faithfully with any additional instructions given by the Company or by any person authorized thereby in relation to the use of the Portal and its contents.

Therefore, the User undertakes to use the contents, goods and services in a diligent, proper and licit manner, in accordance with relevant law and in particular undertakes to refrain from:

Using them in a manner, for a purpose or with effects contrary to law, morals, generally accepted good customs or public order or to the instructions received from the Company.
Using them for ends that infringe the legitimate rights of third parties.
Causing damage to the hardware and software systems of the Company, its suppliers or any third parties, not to introduce onto or spread on the Internet any computer virus or other physical or software system liable to cause such damage as is described above\;
Using the contents and products, and in particular, any information of any kind obtained via the Portal or from the services to send advertising, communications with a view to direct sale or for any other purpose of a commercial nature, unsolicited messages addressed to a large number of persons regardless of the purpose thereof, and to refrain from selling or disclosing said information in any form whatsoever.
Reproducing or copying, distributing, permitting public access via any form of public communication, transforming or altering the Services, unless expressly authorized to do so by the holder of the rights in question or if permitted by relevant law\;
Committing any act that might be deemed an infringement of any intellectual or industrial property rights held by CABELLO R or by third parties.
The Customer shall be solely liable for any harm of loss of any kind that CABELLO R may suffer occasioned by or as a consequence of the non-fulfilment of the obligations set forth above in addition to any other obligations included in these General Terms and Conditions and/or those imposed by the Law in relation to the use of the Website.

CABELLO Rwill at all times ensure that current relevant law is respected and shall be legally entitled to cancel the Service at its sole discretion or bar the Customer from the Website in the event of any alleged commission, in whole or in part, of any of the offences defined by the Criminal Code in force at any given time, or in the event that any conduct which in CABELLO R’s judgement is contrary to these General Terms and Conditions and/or the Particular Conditions of Online Sale which pertain to this Website, to the Law, the rules established by CABELLO R or its partners or any conduct that might interfere with the smooth operation, image, credibility and/or prestige of CABELLO R or its partners.


4. Cookies Policy
This Cookies Policy is an integral part of the Website Privacy Policy hosted under the domain name

4.1. What are Cookies?
Cookies are files that are stored on the user’s computer as the user browses the Internet when accessing certain web pages.

Cookies are installed while browsing the Internet, either by the websites visited by the user or by third parties with whom the website is associated, and enable it, among other things, to store and retrieve information on a user’s browsing habits or those of the user’s computer and, depending on the information they contain and the manner in which the computer is used, may be used to recognize the user. The user’s browser memorizes cookies on the hard drive solely during the current session and takes up a minimal amount of space without causing any harm to the computer. Cookies contain no specific personal information of any kind and most of them are deleted from the hard drive when browsing session terminates (so-called ‘session cookies’). Most browsers accept cookies as standard and, regardless thereof, permit or block temporary or memorized cookies according to the security settings.

The website can be accessed without cookies being activated, although deactivating them may prevent it from functioning properly.

4.2. Authorization of use of cookies
In accordance with the cookies notice that appears on the website, the user or visitor accepts that when browsing the site, he or she expressly consents to the use of cookies as described and detailed below, except to the extent that the user has modified their browser to reject the use thereof.

4.3. Types of cookies used on this website
A user browsing the Website may find cookies directly inserted by the Owner of the Website or cookies inserted by other entities, as explained in the following sections:

4.3.1. Strictly necessary cookies inserted by the Owner of this site
The Owner of this site uses cookies that are strictly necessary in order to enhance its services, facilitate efficient surfing of the Website and ensure that the contents thereof load in an effective manner. These cookies are session cookies, i.e. they are of a temporary nature and expire and are deleted automatically when the user closes their browser.

4.3.2. Third-party cookies
Below is a detailed list of the entities other than the Website Owner that use cookies in this Website in addition to the purposes thereof:

Social Networking cookies: the Owner uses cookies from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus so that the user may share contents from the Website in the aforesaid social networks, or in order to facilitate registration on the Website, so that with the data provided by the users to the social networks they can fill out the fields of the registration forms directly on the Website.
Cookies to measure traffic on the Portals: the Owner uses cookies from Google Analytics, Nielsen Netratings and Certifica Metric to compile statistical data on user activity on its Websites so that in this way it can improve the services provided to users. These cookies permit user traffic to be analysed by generating an anonymous user ID which is used to measure how often a user visits the Site. In addition, it records the first and last time the user visited the Site, when a session was terminated and the user’s origin.
Cookies used for advertising: Adconion, Google Adsense and Doubleclick insert cookies to users of the Website in order to show them advertising content related thereto, based on previous interactions with the users, visits to the advertiser’s website, IP address of origin, etc. In this way, with the data collected from the cookies, the advertisements displayed on the Website are published and managed more efficiently.
4.4. Browser configuration
The Owner reminds all users that the use of cookies may be subject to their acceptance during the installation or activation of the browser they use. This acceptance may be revoked by means of the content and privacy configuration options available in the browser.

The Owner recommends to its users that they consult their browser’s help section or access the main browsers’ help web pages:


Internet Explorer:




By using this site, the User expressly accepts the processing of the information collected in the form and for the purposes set forth above. The User further acknowledges that he/she is aware of the option to reject the processing of such data or information by rejecting the use of Cookies through the selection of the appropriate configuration in their browser for that purpose. However, this option to block Cookies in the User’s browser may not permit full use of all of this Website’s functionalities.

Should the user wish to ask any question regarding the Website’s Cookies Policy, he/she may contact the Owner at the following address:,stating “Cookies Policy” in the subject line.


5. Liabilities and Limitations
The Company cannot guarantee the trustworthiness, utility or veracity of the information provided via the Portal.

Consequently, the Company does not guarantee nor accept any responsibility for:

(i) The continuity of the Portal’s contents and/or the lack of availability or accessibility of the Portal or technical continuity thereof\;

(ii) The absence of errors or omissions in said contents or products\;

(iii) The absence of any viruses and any other malicious or harmful elements on the Portal, in its contents or in the server that supplies them\;

(iv) The invulnerability of the Portal and/or the inviolability of the security measures adopted thereby\;

(v) Where applicable, the lack of utility or performance of the contents and services on the Portal\;

(vi) Any harm or loss of any kind that may be caused to themselves or to any third party by any person who infringes the conditions, rules and instructions that the Company established on the Portal or through the breach of the security systems thereof\;

(vii) Any other harm of any kind that may be caused for reasons inherent in the non-functioning or malfunction of the Portal or of the Websites to which, where applicable, links may have been created.

ENotwithstanding the foregoing, the Company hereby states that it has adopted all necessary measures, within its capabilities and current state of the art, to ensure that the Portal is functional and to prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and any other harmful elements to Users.

The Company uses its best endeavours to prevent errors in the content that is published on the Portal. All content offered via the Portal is updated and the Company reserves the right to modify or delete said content at any time. The Company assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise from errors in the content that may appear on the Portal which have been provided by third parties.

Any communication or transmission of contents that infringe the rights of third parties and whose content is threatening, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, xenophobic, that detracts from the dignity and rights of children, current law or any conduct which incites or constitutes a criminal offence is expressly prohibited.

In addition, the inclusion and communication by users of contents that are false or inaccurate and that lead or may mislead other users or Company staff, in particular contents protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third persons, which have not been expressly authorized by the holders of said rights, or that discredit the reputation or credibility of the Company, shall be deemed illegal, deceptive or unfair advertising and / or containing viruses or any other electronic element that can damage or impede the operation of the website, the Web, the Company’s computer hardware or that of third parties and / or access to the portal by other users.

The Company may refuse or block access to the Website without notice, at its own discretion or if so requested by a third party, to any user who commits any of the acts referred to herein, including but not limited to those set forth in this paragraph, or that in any other manner violates the General Conditions of Use of the Website referred to above.

6. Intellectual Property and Patent Rights
The Company owns or has obtained the requisite licence or assignment of rights of use in terms of intellectual, industrial and image property in respect of the contents made available through the Site, including without limitation all texts, designs graphics, drawings, codes, software, photographs, videos, sounds, databases, indexes, images, brands, logos, colour combinations, structure and design, selection of used materials, expressions and information and, in general, any other creation protected by national and international standards and treaties in respect of intellectual and industrial property (hereinafter, collectively, the Content).

All intellectual and industrial property rights in respect of the Contents are reserved and in particular, it is expressly forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, publicly disseminate (including any means of making available), transform or distribute in any way all or any part of the Contents included in the Portal, for public or commercial purposes, in any form or by any means, without the express prior written consent of the Company or, where applicable, of the relevant rights holder. The User undertakes to respect the Company’s Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. The User can view the elements of the Site and also print them off, copy them and store them on the hard drive of his/her computer or on any other physical medium provided that it is solely and exclusively for his/her own personal and private use.

Under no circumstances may the User’s access and surfing of the Portal be construed as a waiver, transfer, licence or assignment in whole or in part of the aforesaid rights by the Company.

Consequently, it is not permitted to remove, alter, evade or manipulate the copyright notice or any other information describing the Company’s rights or those of its owners incorporated in the Content, or of any technical protection device or security system installed in the web page, digital fingerprints or any information and/or identification mechanisms that may contained therein.

All references to trade or registered names and marks, logos or other distinctive signs, whether they are the property of the Company or of third-party firms, implicitly entail the prohibition of their use without the consent of the Company or their lawful owners. At no time, unless expressly stated, may the access to or use of the Portal and/or any of the Contents thereof, grant the User any right whatsoever to the trade marks, logos and/or distinctive signs therein protected by Law.


7. Links
7.1 Links from the Portal to other web pages
The Company may offer direct or indirect links to Internet resources or web pages located outside the Portal. These links are present in the Portal for purely informative purposes and under no circumstances may they be construed as an invitation to purchase any goods and/or services that are or may be offered on the destination web pages nor do they imply the existence of any tie or business relationship or dependence with the company that owns the linked web page. In such cases, the Company shall not be responsible for establishing the general and particular terms and conditions to be taken into account in the use, provision or contracting of these services by third parties and, therefore, may not be held responsible for them.

The Company has neither the capability nor the human or technical resources to be aware of, control or approve all of the information, contents, goods or services facilitated by other web pages to which links may be set up from the Portal. Consequently, the Company cannot assume responsibility of any kind for any aspect in relation to the web pages to which links may be set up from the Portal, in particular, by way of example and without limitation, their technical availability, performance, accuracy, comprehensiveness, accuracy, validity, legality, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, their own links and / or any of their contents in general. Likewise, the inclusion of such external links shall not imply any kind of association, merger or holding in any companies linked thereby.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that it should come to the Company’s attention that the activity or information to which one is referred from said links is illicit, constitutes a legal offence or could harm the assets or rights of any third party, the Company will act will all necessary diligence to eliminate or disable the link in question as soon as possible.

In addition, if Users become aware of any illicit activities conducted through such third-party web pages, they must immediately bring this to the attention of the Company so that it can proceed to disable the link providing access thereto.

7.2 Links from other web pages to the Portal
Any user, company or web page that wishes to set up any kind of link to the Portal must comply with the following terms and conditions:

(i) It must obtain the prior express written consent of the Company.

(ii) The link may only direct to the home page of the Portal, unless otherwise expressly authorized.

(iii) The link must be full and complete, i.e. it must lead the User through a click, to the main page and must include the full extent of the Portal homepage screen. Under no circumstances, unless the Company should authorize otherwise, may the web page from which the link is made reproduce the Portal, in any manner, include it as part of its website or in any of its frames or create a browser on any of the Portal’s web pages.

(iv) On the web page from which the link is set up there must be no statement of any kind to the effect that the Company has authorized such a link unless this is actually the case. If a company which creates a link from its page to the Portal in a proper manner wishes to include on its web page the brand name, trading name, trade mark, logo or any other identifying sign of the Company and/or the Portal, it must first have received the express written authorization of the Company thereto.

(v) In any case, the Company prohibits the establishment of a link to the Website from any websites that contain any material, information or content that is illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene or in general, which contravenes morality, public order, law, generally accepted social norms or which infringes the legitimate rights of third parties.


The processing of personal data is conducted in accordance and in compliance with the principles contained in the Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, on Data Protection (hereinafter the LOPD) and implementing regulations thereof.

Users shall in any case be responsible for the veracity of the information provided and take full responsibility to notify the Company of any changes made thereto, thereby exonerating the Company of any responsibility in this regard.

The handling of personal data is carried out, in particular, subject to the duty of confidentiality and secrecy and the Company has adopted the requisite security measures to prevent any alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access or damage to the information registered. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company is unable to guarantee that the Internet is entirely invulnerable and therefore the violation of the data by fraudulent access thereto by third parties.

The User’s rights of access, rectification, deletion and challenge (known as ARCO in Spanish Data Protection law) is hereby acknowledged and Users may exercise these legal rights by contacting the Company by post with a photocopy of their national ID card to the Company’s address stated on this web page.

The Company may modify this Privacy and Data Protection Policy in accordance with legal imperatives or its own governance and therefore advises Users to revisit said policy periodically.


9. Duration and modification
The Company reserves the right to make at any time and without notice such changes as it deems appropriate to its website, and may change, delete or add both the content and services provided thereby and the way in which they are presented or located on its Site.

The Company reserves the right to modify at any time without prior notice this Legal Notice and / or the Particular Conditions, which, as the case may be, have been established for the use and / or contracting of products or services provided through the Portal, whenever it sees fit or in order to adapt to legislative and technological changes, which shall be valid and take effect as and from their public announcement on the Portal.

The validity of these conditions of use is therefore coterminous with the time of their announcement until they are modified in whole or in part, at which time such modified conditions of use will take effect.

The Company may terminate, suspend or discontinue at any time without prior notice, access to the contents of the page and the User shall not be entitled to claim any compensation whatsoever in respect thereof. Following any such extinction, the prohibitions of use in respect of the contents set forth above in this Legal Notice shall remain in effect.


10. Correspondence
Any correspondence between the Company and the User must be addressed by the latter to the postal and/or electronic address set forth above. In any event, any correspondence from the Company to the User shall be conducted in accordance with the contact details provided or submitted thereby. The User hereby expressly accepts the use of email as a valid method for the exchange of information with and sending of correspondence to the Company.


11. General Terms
The headings of the various clauses herein are for information purposes only and shall not affect, qualify or modify the construction of the Legal Notice.

In the event of any discrepancy between the terms set forth in this Legal Notice and the particular conditions which, where applicable, may be established in respect of the goods and services offered on the Portal, the provisions of the particular conditions shall take precedence.

In the event that any provision or provisions of this Legal Notice is deemed invalid, void or unenforceable, in whole or in part by any competent court, tribunal or administrative body, said nullity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of the Legal Notice and the particular conditions which may been established, if any.

The non-enforcement or enforcement by the Company of any right or provision of this Legal Notice shall not constitute a waiver, unless expressly acknowledged and agreed in writing.


12. Governing law and competent courts and tribunals
This Legal Notice and the relations established between the Company and the User, in particular the choice of forum for the resolution of any litigation, disputes or differences that may arise, shall be governed by and resolved in accordance with the provisions of Spanish rules and regulations in respect of relevant law and competent jurisdiction.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in cases in which the relevant regulations provide for the option of the parties to submit to a forum, the Company and the User expressly waive recourse to any other forum that might be available to them and hereby submit any dispute and/or litigation to the Courts and Tribunals of city in which the Company named in this Legal Notice is domiciled.

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