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1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored on the user’s computer to surf the Internet to access certain web pages.

They are installed during Internet browsing, either by the web sites visited by the user or by third parties with whom the website is related, and enable it, among other things, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, can be used to recognize the user. The user’s browser stores cookies on your hard disk only during the current session occupying a minimum space of memory and not damaging the computer. The cookies do not contain any specific personal information, and most of them are deleted from the hard drive at the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies). Cookies Most browsers accept cookies as standard and, independently thereof, allow or prevent the security settings in temporary or stored cookies.

The website is accessible without cookies are enabled, although its deactivation may prevent proper operation.


2. Authorization for the use of cookies

In accordance with the notice of cookies on the website, the user or visitor of them agree that when navigating the same, expressly consents to the use of cookies according to the description herein below, except to the extent that you have changed the settings of your browser to refuse to use them.


3. Types of cookies used in the website

The user who surfs the Web can find cookies inserted directly by the Holder or cookies inserted by entities other than this, as detailed in the following sections.


3.1. Strictly necessary cookies inserted by the Owner of this site

The Owner of the site uses cookies to serve strictly necessary to improve their services, facilitate proper navigation on the Web site as well as to ensure that their content is loaded effectively. These cookies are also session cookies ie are temporary and expire and are automatically deleted when the user closes their browser.


3.2. Third-party Cookies

Below the different the Contractor to use cookies on the Web site entities and the purposes thereof are as follows:

Cookies social networking: the Contractor uses cookies to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus to enable the user to share content from the Web in those social networks, or to facilitate the registration on the Web, so that the data users of social networks have provided to directly fill in the fields on the registration form on the Web.
Cookies for traffic measurement in Portales: Holder Analitycs Google uses cookies, Nielsen Netratings and Certifica Metric to collect statistical data on the activity of users on the Web Site and, thus, to improve services to users . These cookies allow analyze user traffic generating an anonymous user ID that is used to measure how many times a user visits the site. It records when was the first and last time I visited the Web, when a session is over and the origin of the user.
Cookies for advertising purposes: Adconion, Google Adsense and insert cookies doubleclick users of the Web to show content related advertising to, based on prior user interactions, visits to the advertiser’s website, source IP etc. Thus, with the data gathered from the cookies, the ads displayed on the website is published and managed more efficiently.

4. Browser Configuration

The Owner reminds its users that the use of cookies may be subject to your acceptance during the installation or upgrade of the browser used by them. This acceptance may be revoked by the configuration options available content and privacy in it.


The Consultant recommends that users consult the help of your browser or access the websites of the major browsers support:


Internet Explorer:





You expressly agree, by using this Site, the treatment of information obtained in the manner and for the above purposes. And also it recognizes its potential to reject the processing of such data or information by rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings for this purpose in your browser. While this option of blocking cookies on your browser may not allow full use of all the functionality of the Website.


If the user you have any questions about the policy Cookies Website, you can contact with the Holder via the following address:, indicating in the subject “Cookie Policy”.